Could this be a poor attempt to? Focus.

It has been a vast space of time that has occurred from the last post here, or anywhere.  To be quite blunt the mind/body experience has hindered the process of having material that seemed to be relevant.

Within this period the many subjects that seemed to be noteworthy had snapped across the brain with no evidence of being developed into a means to an end.  That is not to say that this will appear to be of any value to read.

Within each life, there are times when that which holds important consumes all other endeavors to work itself to trivia.  Such is the notion connected to the importance of History and the need to make events the driver for now and the future.  If one were to be interested in History this would be an opportunity to use the facts of an event to become the guide to actions in the future.  Due to the missing link in the Teaching of History, the facts become fodder for emotion and become the driver to holding the facts hostage within an interpretation based on that emotion and be viewed as a solution to a problem.  Where problems that can not be resolved by forgetting the facts and perpetuating the reason for not addressing the actions to curtail the reoccurrence.

With today’s interpretation of events dealing with Race Relations, there are two sides that differ between the cause, the action, and the effect.  No doubt there is justified reason to remember an event.  The loss to progress is to make the event the reason for one side of the other to blame the opposition for not moving on to an acceptable resolution.  Forgetting is not what creates the difficulty.  It is the need to preserve action based on the direct effects that are not attached to the NOW.

Being a victim is a position that no one wants to be.  Claiming victimhood due to Heritage is not accepting facts and using reasoning based on Emotion for Justification.  Being the victim is accepting the past without acknowledging the path resolve.

Could this be your life?

  • Is there no way of not being a victim?
  • Could the reflection of history as the guide to not being resolved for an emotional result?
  • Why does common sense provide the basis for resolve?



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